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Top Ten Reasons To Use Church Access
Have quick access to members' personal information.
  • Access to members' information is central and stored such that it is easily accessible but at the same time secure.
  • Contact information and other vital details about members is stored in a database and makes for easy reporting.
  • Store pictures of members and families in the church.
  • View family structure and visits made to families

Keep track of attendance for Home Cells, Departments and Sunday meetings.
  • Recording when people attend church and when they do not has never been easier.
  • You can record attendance for any meetings that your church will have.
  • Print attendance registers with names of members so gathering the information is easy.

3 Be reminded on members' birthdays and wedding anniversaries
  • Church Access will remind you on a daily basis of those people that are celebrating important events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.
  • Add the personal touch without worrying about how you will remember dates. Church Access can remind you all the time, every time!

4 Monitor church growth.
  • Keep track of how your evangelism of the Gospel is with your membership over the months and years since your church commenced.

5 Track collections for departments and other important income groups.
  • Record the offerings brought in for each department within your church.
  • Welfare and building fund collections can also be recorded.
  • By creating your own income and expense categories and sub categories your church finance can be easily queried.
  • Print transaction spending and receiving for AGM and financial records.

6 Record tithes and offering information.
  • Each members tithes payments can be recorded giving you an overview of amounts collected for specific periods.
  • View annual and monthly graphs of the income of the church.
  • Record the offerings brought in for each department within your church.

7 Schedule events and track payments for camps and retreats.
  • Church Access will help keep track of payments for events such as camps and minister meetings.
  • You can reserve places for people that attend your important events.

8 Quickly generate and print Income and Expense and Trial Balances.
  • Income and Expense and Trial Balances statements can be previewed and printed for any period that you selected.
  • Simple financial structure will take away the need for you to learn complicated accounting procedures.
  • Create many accounts event track petty cash and cheque accounts.

9 View geographic location of members.
  • Know where your members live and the concentration of members even down to the roads that they live on.
  • View suburb information for visitors and members as well as the different age groups of members in the church.
  • Ideal for Home Visitations.

10 Home Cells and Departments
  • Structure your Home Cells and Departments and quickly view leaders and assistant leaders. A chart will show you the numbers in each home cell and department.
  • View family home cell and department membership to monitor those members that are not in a home cell or department.

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